Do you find a lot of your energy is going towards coping with life?

Maybe you have feelings of anxiety, and stress and you could use a break from the pressure. Are you feeling lost? People in our life might not be able to understand or help.  If this is a hard time for you, I’m sorry and I am here to help you.
This is life support for you. A chance to press pause and unpack life for an hour with a woman you trust. We meet online via zoom, convenient and confidential, for you to be yourself, get clarity and strengthen trust in your self. You will have opportunities to develop your intuition, strengthen your confidence and ground your decisions in your core truth.



I believe every person deserves the opportunity to know the depth and beauty of their soul. I can see your inner beauty, I can hear it, I can feel your goodness. I am here to reflect it back to you and to champion you. We all need an other to stand for us. I am here for you.

We will intend wholeness; integration of mind, body, emotions and soul. I make use of psycho-therapeutic tools including intuition, body focusing, and inner voice dialogue.

I recommend planning for weekly times, for three months, to reach a new perspective about your self and your life, and you are free to book time as you want. Convenient, confidential and connective. There are two ways you can do this:

1- one on one time with me via zoom.
This is a good option to start with if you are new to self-help because it allows you to set the pace and have individual time. I like to think about ten week blocks of time when you are setting your plan, to expect to feel differently and start gaining new awarenesses. The price is $150 for a one hour zoom session. (+hst for Ontario residents)

2- group of four via zoom.
For twelve weeks, we meet weekly. The group is intimate and our focus is creating safety and freedom of expression. You receive weekly themes to reflect upon and then we meet to be witnessed and hold space for each other. The price is $50 for each ninety-minute weekly session. (+hst for Ontario residents)

3- attend an event. Coming…
Facilitated larger groups in person, in different locations, to enable men and women to witness an other’s beauty and be witnessed discovering her own. It is very powerful to be held by an other and an honor to hold space for an other. This event is intended to be affordable and inclusive; people gather for a few hours and we connect to experience our own true self and inner beauty. The price is $25 for a half day. (+hst for Ontario residents)

Zoom technology and the power of community makes this support affordable for everyone. Zoom is HIPAA compliant, making our connection secure.

Contact me and please tell me whether you are interested in one on one or group time.